LeAnn Rimes

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Here's my favorites Singer, she's not only have an amazing skills but also have a strong inner beauty attraction. I know her from Coyote's Ugly Movie.
One of my favorite song is "Blue", feels her vocal, and you will found somethings different..


Featuring "My New Invention", Neighblogshood

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I don't know is it wrong or true, but i've spend my night seeking this word in many search engine and also in wikipedia, but i can't find it! LoL, should I Claims and registering this word as my own "Invention"?
I used this word in my blog for giving the difference with others and owned my own blogging style!

I found and used "Neighblogshood" which refer to blogger neighbourhood into my blog since 2008-07-29
others who wants used this word must ask and give me some money for licensing ..LoL..

I like this song even I can't understand it..

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and these are the lirycs:

Bir garip hüzün çöker insana
El ayak çekilince

Tek basına kalırsın dünyada
Etraf sessizleşince

Inan bu ev alısamadı
Hiçbir zaman sensizliğe

Simdi sensizlik oturuyor
Kalkıp gittiğin yerde

Yalnızlığa elbet alısır bedenim
Yalnızlıkla belki de basa çıkabilirim

Çok zor gelse bile yasar öğrenirim
Sensizlik benim canımı acıtan

Bir derin korku düser ruhuma
Duvarlar seslenince

Karanlık oyun oynar aklıma
Gölgeler dans edince

Inan bana alısamadım
Hiçbir zaman sensizliğe

Simdi sensizlik dolasıyor
Çıkıp gittiğin bu evde
anyone can tell me what's this mean? I try googling but can't find turkey translator


No Title (confuse and missed you)

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it is true i'am a mysterious man....
it is true i'am a lonely man....
it is true i'am not a rich man....

Life is always found the way...

i'am never sing a love song...
i'am never touch your softly lips....
i'am never dance in the night while you are laughing...

Life is always found the way....

sky is not called a sky without the earth...
white is not called white without black....
My self is not called as I'am without you...

But life is always filled with lies,
even your red lips saying the truth,
and what can i do for enjoying my dream?

I know it is hard to know,
Looking around you and i know you are happy
even i must stay away from you
that's OK and this will be my latest song that i write for you

for someone that i loved since 1992


Help Me to be Number 1

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What is it mean? I need your help to promote and linking my blogs in your blog or site.
Number 1 in what aspect?
- No. 1 in Blog Ranking
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and help me to reach as a no 1 Blog and listed in Guinnes Book of Records for "The Most Wanted Blog"

Why I made this blog? I want have a blog that linked by All blogger in the world, a symbol of unity in blogging. Maybe you should laughs to hear my explaination, but, i'am serious in this project.

If you want to add your link to my page, please email me
helpmetono.1@gmail.com or you can leave a message in my shout box :D. I will add you manually everyday when I'am online, Please do not spam on my email, of course we all agree that spam is not good blogger attitude.